Specific RV Expectations?

What is included in the cost of my rental?

All motorhome rentals include 100 miles per day and 3 hours of generator usage in the RV rental rate.  All motorhomes come equipped with the basics you will need to use the RV’s facilities and connect to utilities at campgrounds, including a water hose, sewer hose, electric cord, converter, water pressure regulator and cable cord. Outdoors RV Rentals  also provides safety and sanitation items, including a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, toilet paper, cleaners, latex gloves and trash bags. 

Can I tow my car with my rental RV?

Unfortunately, Outdoors RV Rentals rental RVs do not accommodate towing.  

What kind of gas mileage can I expect from my rental?

An RV is much heavier than a passenger vehicle, and therefore burns more fuel.  

Our Ford and Chevrolet Platform motorhomes get 8-10 miles per gallon. Our Dynamax REV platform gets 12-15 miles per gallon.